Crocheting always seemed like something I couldn’t do. I had never tried, not even considered having a go, just watching my mum working that single hook and her fingers left me feeling incapable. That is why I’ve always let her do all the crocheting pieces for Freda and Me.  I’d often heard people say “I can’t get the hang of crocheting” complaining about its complicity. This and those often far from comprehensible diagrams that you find in some crafting books had worked their way to convincing me of the impossibility of this craft. That was until recently when I finally decide the time was right to tackle this beast.

A Flower crocheted by mum and then beaded by me. Available in my shop.

My mum taught me to knit a long time ago, in my teen’s maybe. As I am left handed and her right, it caused some confusion trying to reverse the knitting action and in the end I just learnt to knit right handed like her. So sitting side by side again, me forty and, let’s not embarrass  mum, her more mature again, I feel young once more  warmed by the prospect of sharinga skill. We attempt the right handed version as we had with knitting but I struggle desperately to manipulate the thread with the fingers of my left hand and the hook in my right. It appears like it may not be possible after all. Swapping over to try left handed, it at first seems even more alien as now my instructor seems unsure of what we are doing. Slowly we piece it together and then a small “click”. Somewhere in the recesses of my creative cortex crocheting makes sense. Admittedly it’s shaky and slow but the concept of what I am doing is understood. I try a couple of different stitches and now, don’t hold me back I want to make something. I start with a flower.

I made that first flower into this brooch. Available in my Shop..

My mum  invested in a book for use to share, small crocheting projects to tackle. The book Cute & Easy Crotchet by Nicki Trench. It’s a beautiful book, the images are fresh and modern as are the designs and colour palette of yarns,  full of inspiration. I examine the pages with eagerness and desire to make and create. What shall my first project be? I’m drawn in by the bright colours of Cafetiere Cosy and the more difficult but very striking Stripy Wave Cushion, but an arrival in the post  makes my decision for me.

The Book

All my own work.

Wrapped safely inside, my hooks.

The package contained a colourful set of crocheting hooks. So the chosen project was the Hook Holder. It was a perfect baptism to the world of crocheting. The main section required repetitive rows of the same stitch, allowing me to improve my tension and hook handling without having to worry about which stitch was coming next. Edging the piece was slightly more challenging but I got a great sense of achievement from creating the pretty scalloping. For me the fact that some sewing of material was also required endeared me more to the project as I love mixing crafts and materials.

So to crocheting I am officially hooked and I’m already planning my next project. What will it be? Wait and see.


3 thoughts on “Hooked

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    • Thank you, it really wasn’t too difficult. As I said I was always a little put off but it’s been easier than I thought. If you can get some one to show you it helps or I bet there is stuff on YouTube. Go on have a go…

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