Inspire Me 5/11/12 – Ribbons and Braids

Oh how I love a charity shop, especially a slightly higgledy piggledy one in a small  back water of a town where the wealth of it’s content goes unnoticed. These are my charity shops, the ones where I live and with every visit I buzz with excitement at the boundless possibilities ahead. I have even managed to instill the love of rummaging amongst the rails and boxes of these outlets in my children, much to my husbands displeasure. So this last weekend, whilst daddy was else where youngest son and I took a trip to one of these shops.

I always like to look through the tablecloth, curtain, and duvet section but as I set myself to plunder the rail I almost tripped over a box at the foot of it. Looking down a glint of gold caught my eye and as I bent for a closer inspection my heart rate quickened. A floral braid of red, orange and gold is sparkling away on top, I delve in to reveal the items underneath. More braids, pom pom, tassel and decorative. I’m excited, but slightly anxious, there is no price and as always there is a nagging thought of do I need them? A price established with a kindly old lady soon dashes all practical thoughts, at that price who could resist. So I am the proud owner of these beautiful embellishments and they will be inspiring me to make something this week. Bring on the sewing…

So what has made you tingle with possibilities, gasp with creative joy  or urged you to bake, make or create? Maybe it’s a person maybe it’s a place you’ve visit, something you’ve read or something you’ve seen . A picture, words or both. So come along and join in, share your inspirations with me and maybe you can inspire someone else. Or maybe you are looking for inspiration if so check out the list on the Linky page.

I will post my inspirations on a Monday but the list will remain open all week. Sometimes inspiration does not work to a timetable.I would love to know. please share it here….

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