Lady of the Manor

In one of my other lives I would liked to have been the lady of the manor, I think I could work the wellies and tweeds during the day and the odd ball gown of an evening. Plus it can’t be too hard to live with a silver spoon in ones mouth. There is only one lady on which to style this look, the unforgettable Audrey Forbes-Hamilton. Her poise and elegance rubbing up against here ballsy attitude mean she carried of this prim look with the confidence it requires.

A look that appeared to be a little fusty in the 80’s today has been given a cool overhaul by the likes of Burberry, of course,Stella McCartney and Chloe to name a few, now this autumn winter, country tweeds are all the rage. I love the way that they have been layered with other patterns or different sized checks in order to create an edgier look. Maybe you could wear your tweed jacket with winter floral blouse or a tweed skirt with tartan tight or add a statement t-shirt and a yellow belt as they did at Burberry.

So with this gorgeous winter trend in mind I’ve been scouting out some vintage Country House pieces to offer at Freda and Me and here are the best, all available at my Etsy shop or click on the pictures below.


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