Recent Finds

042Just the other Weekend as the sun shone for the first time in a long time our family set off to find some treasures. There is an old market town in The Peak District, Leek, that holds a small collectables, vintage / antiques market every Saturday. Not huge just enough stalls for you to potter amongst and find a couple of none essential but much needed goodies.


My oldest son enjoys the perusing and ambling, marveling at army badges bits of bullets and other war paraphernalia. My other boy unfortunately soon gets board and has to be promised cake at some point He doesn’t see the excitement an old box can bring.


What could possibly be inside?……….


A bit of this, a bit of that, one mans rubbish another lady’s treasure. So what treasures did I find on this day?


First this lovely Beatrix Potter tray for just £2.00. I know what a gorgeous find. And then ……


This beautiful book on British Butterflies published in 1951. Whilst I have read some of the book and it is of course interesting, it’s the sixteen colour plates that really drew me too it. That and the gorgeous print on the dust sleeve.




And of course the youngest was appeased with a not so vintage pair of play handcuffs.



A Creative Catch Up

It’s been some weeks since I’ve been here,I’m ashamed to say I’ve been neglecting this creative outlet. I’m committing a lot of time to my other blog The Puffin Diaries but this part of me is just as important, this is my creative haven. So in order to bring everything back in line, into the present, I thought I would share a creative catch up with you.

So before Christmas I finished crocheting the baby hat for my new little nephew LSJ. I was very proud of the creation, in navy blue merino wool, with a little peak to the front, another item from Nicki Trench. You will however have to take my word for the brilliance of my work because I forgot to photograph it, but it is exactly as the picture below without the flower, honest.


Like I said navy blue minus the flower…

The kids and I also made Christmas tree decorations as gifts for school teachers, it was fairly easy and pain free, actually we had a bit of fun. We used air drying clay, cookie cutters, lace fabric, gold spray paint and ribbon. Quite straight forward as you can see from the pictures. Bit late to do a post now but if you are desperate to know the details leave a comment, failing that I’ll try to remember to post December this year.


Top left – the cut out shapes with pattern pressed in, Top Right and Bottom Left – Sprayed gold, Bottom Right – on the tree

My greatest achievement recently I’ve saved until last. This has made me so very excited……… I crocheted round a stone. This is a project I discovered and pinned it last year. As we visited the seaside in the New Year it was an ideal opportunity to attempt this project. So I did, what more to say other than here it is.


Very clever don’t you think?

Just as an aside I also rustled up seven skeleton outfits for our local Pantomime which I enjoy helping with. So not a bad creative patch. For the future I will finish making my sons curtains, I’m so close now. And on Monday evening I’m hosting the first meet up of a wool crafting group I’ve started. I will feed back on news from the Woolly Heads, knitting, crocheting, tea cake, chat and inspiration what is not to like.

What creative things have you been up to? Let me know below….