A Place for Everything

I am by no means very organised or tidy, I know you’re shocked, that is unless you’ve been to my house. However,  as my accessories, necklaces, earrings, belts and the odd hat are plentiful and I have, in order to maximise my style potential, put some effort into arranging these items. As I’m partial to a little bit  of designer clutter and  because accessories are by their nature so very beautiful I think it’s best to have them on display.

I’ve definitely borrowed this idea from somewhere at some point, a photograph display hanging used for earrings and brooches, genius. I can see and find all my earrings and they look so pretty. It can be a little fiddly getting them in and out but at least I’m not spending ages rummaging through a tangled mass only to find one broken.

This chair is perfect for hanging belts. bags and hats on, although I do have to keep most of my bags in a draw.

This carved wooden hook is a sturdy and attractive holder for all my necklaces, chains and pendants.

This wooden shoe mold has been a toilet roll and kitchen roll holder but I think it is best suited to stacks of decorative bangles.

This picture? Because I love this vintage pink hat and this beaded bag that came from my Nana, that’s all.