A Place for Everything

I am by no means very organised or tidy, I know you’re shocked, that is unless you’ve been to my house. However,  as my accessories, necklaces, earrings, belts and the odd hat are plentiful and I have, in order to maximise my style potential, put some effort into arranging these items. As I’m partial to a little bit  of designer clutter and  because accessories are by their nature so very beautiful I think it’s best to have them on display.

I’ve definitely borrowed this idea from somewhere at some point, a photograph display hanging used for earrings and brooches, genius. I can see and find all my earrings and they look so pretty. It can be a little fiddly getting them in and out but at least I’m not spending ages rummaging through a tangled mass only to find one broken.

This chair is perfect for hanging belts. bags and hats on, although I do have to keep most of my bags in a draw.

This carved wooden hook is a sturdy and attractive holder for all my necklaces, chains and pendants.

This wooden shoe mold has been a toilet roll and kitchen roll holder but I think it is best suited to stacks of decorative bangles.

This picture? Because I love this vintage pink hat and this beaded bag that came from my Nana, that’s all.


Twisted Fabric Earrings – Tutorial

A kind friend recently donated two beautiful African print swatch books to the cause which is “Freda and Me”. How I oohed and aaghed at the beautiful prints that touch my heart due to my African birthplace. Of course I tingled throughout with the creative possibilities before me, the countless ideas for making. In the end I decided to start with something I had already worked a little on and develop it further, so the twisted brooches I’d already devised (see here)  have inspired the twisted fabric earring. The African prints are exuberant and a delight to work with but any smallish print or plain fabric can be used.

Materials/Tools you Require.

A small piece of fabric light to medium weight, not silky.
Earring Hook.
Needle and Thread.

1. cut 2 strips of fabric approx 25cm x 4cm. They do not need to be perfectly neat, rough edges don’t matter.

2. Tie a small knot in the end of each strip.

3. Take one of the strips and twist the fabric from the knot up until the piece is twisted too the end. It should not be twisted too tight or too loose, see picture below. Once the piece is twisted start step 4. directly.4. Now coil the twisted fabric around the knot and hold in place with a pin. Repeat step 3 & 4 with the second strip.

5. Select which is the front side of the earring. Using a needle and thread stitch through the circle to hold the twisted fabric in place. It can be very difficult to push the needle all the way through the centre of the fabric so I tend to use small stitches on the reverse of the circle, trying to conceal the stitches as best as possible. Ensure all layers of the circle are secure.

6. Once both circles are stitched place them side by side and decide which way you want them to hang and then stitch the earring hook at the top.

7. Finished, there you have a pair of  twisted fabric earrings. If you make the strips longer then the circle will obviously be bigger and thicker fabrics will also effect the size of the earring.

Of course if you do not have the inclination to make your own I have a selection for sale here